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A Broader Base Of Divorce Representation

When it comes to Louisiana divorce, we offer more than the typical family law firm. Divorce is more than just a legal matter that needs resolution. It is emotional. It involves your family. In short, it affects your entire life.

More Than 38 Years Of Experience On Your Side

At Hesser Cooper Law Group, LLC, we understand the full scope of divorce; from the transactional to the emotional and physical. We know how a major change can even affect your spirit. This is why we offer clear guidance and solid legal support.

Whether you living separately from one another and are seeking a “no-fault” divorce or have grounds for the dissolution of your marriage, we can help.

Our divorce lawyers assist with a broad range of divorce-related issues including:

Wills, Succession And Administrative Matters

Our family law services include drafting documents and handling issues related to partitions, adoptions, interdictions and succession. If your family needs matters related to estate administration handled or amended after a divorce, talk to us about your circumstances.

As experienced attorneys experienced in military issues, we understand both the challenges and the opportunities of these issues.

You may be in agreement with your spouse that you have irreconcilable differences. You may be in a relationship that is ending due to adultery, abuse, incarceration or any other concern. As attorneys with extensive experience in many Louisiana family law issues, we offer agile guidance and tailor our representation to your situation and family dynamics.

A Team With A Board-Certified Family Law Specialist

Our team includes David Hesser, a board-certified family law specialist. This means we are equipped to handle unusual legal principles or a divorce that involves a still-developing case law.

We offer intelligent guidance so that you understand all of your legal options. We serve your needs and goals, whether that means pursuing a trial or settlement.

We Are Always Available For A Free Consultation

Call the team at Hesser Cooper Law Group, LLC, at 318-542-4862 and schedule a free initial consultation. We will listen to your situation and goals and then let you know how we can help. You can also request a consultation or initiate contact via our online contact form. In Alexandria, we serve clients throughout Louisiana.