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David Hesser Is A Board-Certified Family Specialist

Our law firm, Hesser Cooper Law Group, LLC, in Alexandria, Louisiana, is not your usual family law office. Not only do we handle the normal family cases, we also handle those cases that might lie outside the norm.

For instance, our family law practice encompasses military matters such as military divorce and military retirement . Our attorneys know how those cases work, the unique obstacles involved in them and how to help you steer clear of those obstacles that might trip up someone who is not aware of those hidden obstacles.

Gain The Benefit Of Having Hesser Cooper Law Group, LLC, On Your Side

At its foundation, our firm is about solving problems for our clients. Clients regularly come to see us for help with a variety of family matters, including, for instance:

  • Divorce, division of marital property
  • Child support and child custody
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Alimony
  • Appeals

Wills, Succession And Administrative Matters

Our family law services include drafting documents and handling issues related to partitions, adoptions, interdictions and succession. If your family needs matters related to estate administration handled or amended after a divorce or death of a loved one, talk to us about your circumstances.

Furthermore, one of our lawyers is a board-certified family specialist. Our entire office draws on that knowledge to provide you with services even when your case might involve unusual legal principles or still-developing case law.

Our depth and more than 38 years of experience in family matters mean we can advise you intelligently as to all of your legal options, including whether you should protect your rights through trial or through settlement. You can depend on the experienced legal judgment of our firm’s lawyers.

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